We work on a "mind your own business" basis -- that is, please do not interfere with clients or channels you don't know or have any association with.

We are generally a relaxed and open minded group of people, please regard these rules as guidelines as they are not definitive.
It has become apparent over the years, that we need to clarify some rules other than our "mind your own business"-rule.

Naming convention

The nickname is a cruical part of the user identity. Although names can be anonymous, it must identify you as a user in the server.
Please be thoughtful of the name you pick; as nicknames or channel names must not be:

  • gibberish.
  • offensive.
  • discriminating.

Public channels

These channels are available for everyone to use. This does not mean you can barge in and disturb the channel.
Please do not join these channels, unless it's available or you are welcome in that channel. These channels work on a first-come first-serve basis.
The user must refrain from idling in these channels.

You can always create a temporary passworded channel!


Images; both as avatars and in channel descriptions must not be:

  • disgusting.
  • pornographic.
  • discriminating.


Only consentual or cordial pokes are allowed. The user must refrain from poking another client under any other circumstance.


Advertising in any form is forbidden.

Channel descriptions

Although we believe in freedom of speech, please note that there is a fine line between freedom of speech and offensive comments. The channel description must not cross that line.