Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and other information.

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact an administrator ([S] or [A] icons) for help!
Please don't poke unless you absolutely must have their attention.


Server groups

[S] StaffThe highest authority.
[A] AdminServer administrator. (Respect at all times.)
[V] VIPVIP assigned to clients we see fit.
[R] RegisteredRegistered clients.
[G] GuestGuest clients.

Channel groups

[C] Channel OwnerOwner of a channel.
[C] Channel AdminAdministrator in a channel.
[O] OperatorOperator in a channel.
[C] Channel CreatorThe creator of a channel.
[G] GuestGuest in a channel.
[B] BannedBlocked from entering a channel.

Not registered?

Only clients in the registered ([R] icon) or a higher group can make guests ([G] icon) registered on this server.
To make someone registered, rightclick on the client -> Set Server Group -> Registered.

Please don't register any clients you don't know or have any association with, see rules page.

Can I have a channel?

You're welcome to have your own permanent channel here, but only if it's used on a regular basis.
Contact an administrator to have a channel created for you or feel free to make a temporary channel.


We respect your privacy and would never voluntarily hand over your personal information such as IP addresses to a third party, unless we are required to do so or if we need to fend off various attack vectors.
If such a case, only relevant logs will be shared.

We keep log files for the duration of 1 backup cycle.
Usually we make a backup on every new version of TeamSpeak which includes log files and a purge of old backups.

Inactive channel / deletion of channel?

We monitor this server for inactive channels and delete them without warning if they're not used at least once within 15 days.

If you no longer need the channel, please delete it.
To delete a channel, optionally do one of the following steps.

1) Delete the channel. (Rightclick on channel -> Delete Channel)
2) Make the channel a temporary channel. (Rightclick on channel -> Edit Channel -> Channel Type -> Temporary)

Make sure you backup any files you have in your channel before the channel is deleted!
Temporary channels are automatically deleted 5 minutes after the last client leaves the channel.

Uploading / downloading files

Registered and above users can upload and download files in the channels they have access to. Only the Channel Owner ([C] icon) or Channel Admin ([C] icon) can delete the files, so be careful!
In general, the quota is 1024 MB for uploads, per month, for registered and above users. Unlimited bandwidth for downloads.

Please be aware that all file transfers are transmitted unencrypted. This is by TeamSpeak's design.
We do not guarantee availability of files or retention.

We scan uploaded files every hour for infections and may take action if infected files are detected and reported by the scanner. (BETA)
The scan is an automatic process with no human intervention.

Ways to connect...

You can connect to this teamspeak server using ts.dvotx.org in the server address field.
We recommend connecting with the hostname, in case the IP address should change in the future.

Backup of identity

We require all channel owners to make a backup of their identity to prevent loss of access to channels. We do not recover lost identities!

To make a backup of your identity, click on Settings -> Identities and then Export -- you will then be asked to save your identity to a file.


It is strongly adviced that you store the identity file somewhere safe in case of a computer crash or similar.

Restore of identity

You can later recover your identity by importing the identity file and then set your old identity.

Connect with new identity
To connect with the new identity you can do the below steps.
1) Click on Connections -> Connect
2) Click More if applicable
3) Select the imported identity from the Identity: dropdown

Temporary channel

Anyone can make a temporary channel. Follow the steps below to create a temporary channel.

1) Rightclick on *.dvotx.org
2) Click Create Channel
Optionally click the "Audio" tab and change quality to 10.
The temporary channel will be created at the bottom of the channel structure.

Where can I find available BBCodes?

We have compiled a list of all available BBCodes on our BBCodes page.

Text too large to paste in chat?

Maximum length of text that can be written in a chat is 1024 characters. Therefore you must use a third party service for larger texts.
https://paste.dvotx.org is such a service.

Can I become VIP?


Do you have any interesting graphs?

We have some graphs showing clients over time on our graphs page.